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Garcinia Cambogia helps to diminish the build up of liquid within the fat cells by curbing the appetite and reducing lipid amounts – the hormone that helps to control the body’s cravings for food. Ultimately, if the concentrations of Lipids in your body are high, you will be hungry, and Garcinia Cambogia blocks this hormone.

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Garcinia Cambogia

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

It is a fruit which cannot be used in its natural state because of its extreme bitterness. It grows in places like India, parts of Asia and some of the Pacific areas which include Australia. It is because of the bitterness of this fruit that it is used as flavoring (in Indian dishes).

How is it used or taken?

The Garcinia Cambogia extract is in calcium salt of hydroxyl also known as HCA. It can be used in tablet or capsule form for weight loss as it is an appetite suppressant. It is believed that it speeds up the metabolism and burns calories faster. However, this is not a prescription drug.

It arose in the Ayurvedic medicinal practices in India and helps to diminish the build up of liquid within the fat cells. As mentioned above, it curbs the appetite and has the ability to reduce lipid amounts. This is a hormone that helps to control the body’s cravings for food by “telling “it that you are full and not hungry. So, if the concentrations of Lipids in your body are high, you will be hungry, and Garcinia Cambogia blocks this hormone. The Garcinia Cambogian extract can be bought as either a herbal tea, in a tincture or in capsule form. It is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine that can be used as a natural appetite suppressant and also minimizes the production of glycogen, stops excess fat storage in its tracks and boosts the metabolism.

What does it look like in its natural form?

The fruit itself is quite compact and much like a pumpkin, just a bit smaller in size.

Is this product safe for anyone?

The tests carried out on the HCA show it is not dangerous and does not affect the brain the way some other hunger suppressant products do, which is a plus since then no extreme side effects are present on the brain. It has been whispered that the HCA has had some positive effects on liver and brain function and that it may help these organs trigger the “I am full” feeling. In addition to this, it is also a supplement and boosts energy levels.

It also claims to be able to break down fat and help control and even lower cholesterol levels.

The good vs. the bad?

It has been said that only healthy adults should take this product and tests have shown that some people have lost twice and even as much as three times the amount of weight they wanted to lose. That been said, additional reports also showed no difference whatsoever between the groups supplied with this product and a placebo. Speculation is that a high fibre diet that both groups were on actually prevented the body from absorbing the HCA but that there is still no real or clear outcome that the Garcinia Cambogia extract may help with weight loss.

On the other hand, this product is not recommended for infants, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, anyone suffering from diabetes and anyone who may or do have Alzheimer’s or any other type of dementia disease. Alzheimer sufferers especially need to steer clear of Garcinia Cambogia since it is believed that it may aid in the formation of acetyl-choline inside the brain. And as for those with diabetes, these people are warned that the HCA might very likely lower glucose levels to a possible life or death threat situation.

The ability for Garcinia Cambogia extract to lower blood sugar levels may help adults, healthy adults to crave less carbs and refined sugars and in so doing also possible aid in weight loss if used as a supplement. No firm conclusions have been established as of yet though.

However, for well over 5000 years now, the Indian Ayurvedic Treatment has been in use and has been heralded as “a Miracle Weight loss Cure” so if it is not effective, wouldn’t the Indians have stopped using it centuries ago? One has to wonder…


Garcinia-CambogiaIt is difficult to either deep six or herald this product as a safe or effective weight loss supplement. Naturally children should never be given products of this kind at all and pregnant ladies and lactating mothers should avoid it as well. Besides that the general population should have no real problem using it as a weight loss tool. The only thing to bear in mind is that no pill or powder will work without the proper nutrition and exercise program as well.

That being said, the only unfortunate thing about this drug is that it is tested on animals, and this is how they discovered the slimming properties of the product. The tests performed on animals demonstrate that the Garcinia Cambogia extract can help slimming, yet these same tests done on humans haven’t lead to the same apparent outcomes. This is where the conflict comes in.

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