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The Venus factor aims to help women achieve the body they have always wanted. While we might not all have been born with the perfect figure, the Venus factor program claims to offer just that. It's also a weight loss program that teaches how to control hunger levels and maintain a healthy goal weight.

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The Venus Factor

If you have been looking for a program to help you lose weight and look great, then the Venus factor diet program may be the answer you’ve been looking for. It’s a very cleverly devised program that is designed especially for women to not only help control their weight, but to transform their bodies into a more desirable shape.

What makes the Venus factor diet so popular and what is it?

The simple fact that the program is designed especially for women, and therefore only woman can use it, is what makes it so unique. That, and the fact that it claims to be able to not only help women get control of their diets and get control of their hunger levels by regulating the level of leptin in their bodies, but also to transform their bodies into something entirely different, and far more desirable.

Does it really work, and how does it work?

As with most programs, the main objective is to help get control of the appetite and in so doing, gaining control over weight gain. Unlike other programs however, the Venus factor diet focuses on controlling the levels of the leptin hormone in the female body.

Tests were run on laboratory mice to determine how leptin affects weight gain and weight loss. Mice with high resistance to leptin were overweight and obese, while the mice with no resistance have healthy metabolisms and were of a normal weight.

In theory, the same principle can be applied to women since most women are leptin resistant. The Venus program aims to regulate that, enabling the body to burn fat as opposed to storing fat. Being leptin resistant means it impossible to lose weight.

Genuine user reviews

As far as reviews go, the Venus factor has been reviewed by several other outside sources as well is by many users of the program. All have come back as favorable and fully endorse and applaud the program and its results. Many claim to feel and see positive results almost immediately. As far as product claims go, the Venus factor review program does not make outlandish or brazen claims that fail to live up to the promises. Instead, it fully delivers on its claims and promises for fast results visible within the first day or so. So to answer the question, “is the Venus factor program worth the hype?” In short, yes it is.

I can tell you, It is so worth it. It is not a miracle system. It is still calories in, calories out, very MFP friendly.  It is challenging, to be sure, but it is also accessible. There is calorie software that helps you find the appropriate amount you should be eating based on where you are in your weight loss goals. It is based on an aesthetic, which I actually really like. It gives you something to aim for, rather than just basic dieting and/or working out. I’ve used Beachbody systems and done CrossFit, but each time I would get fitter, but bulk up in all the wrong places. With VF, I have more control over where I put on muscle because I am training for a specific look.

Also, the community is absolutely invaluable. The women are so helpful and encouraging. All newbies get discouraged and overwhelmed at first, but the ladies just lift you up. There is no cattiness. It’s amazing and wonderful. You can always try it out and get a refund if you hate it. They’re awesome about that.

– smit5852 from

Ok. So I’m exactly one week into the Venus Factor Program and I have to say, it is sweat and hard work. In fact, in the 45 minute work out routine it lays out for you (3 days a week) I sweat more than I do when doing fully body works outs or cardio for the same amount of time at LA Fitness.

Result? 5 lbs in one week.

Is it a miracle? Hardly.

Is it hard? Not if you really want to stick with the goal

– code2destroy from

And from a guy’s perspective

If you’re referring to John Barban’s program, I’d recommend it. I came across his Adonis Index program for men about six months ago and I’ve had great results.

For men, it’s about developing the ideal shoulder-to-waist ratio based on your height. The workouts are customized based on your body type. There’s a ton of variety so you’re constantly challenged and it never gets boring. There are videos for all the exercises, a nutritional plan that works well with myfitnesspal, and you can download it to your phone so it’s right at your fingertips while you’re at the gym.

My understanding is that the Venus Factor includes a couple of other measurements involved in determining your ideal ratios, but the rest should be pretty much the same. Follow the program and you’ll get results.

– KyleinSD from

What to be aware of

The biggest thing to be aware of is that if you are male, this program will not work for you.

While this program is super beneficial, it should be understood right from the beginning that this is not a quick fix. It takes hard work and dedication to reap the rewards. And in order to reap those wards, you need to follow the instructions to the letter. The reason why it takes time and patience is because the program is designed to completely change your metabolic rate in order for you to transform your body. So if you’re looking for a quick fix, this program is not for you.

You should also be aware that because the program is universal, is not going to necessarily work exactly the same for every woman. Meaning that because all women are different, have different nutritional needs and every woman’s hormone level is different, each woman will experience a different result.

Information and advice before you purchase.

If you are looking to purchase the Venus program, there are a few things to take into consideration. With the weight loss industry booming as it is on the Internet, it easy to get suckered into buying a faux Venus program at a cheaper price. Only buy from a reputable merchants if you want the real Venus program because imitations simply will not give the same result. Avoid gimmicks like “leptin supplements” because they just don’t work. They simply are no weight loss products available regarding leptin that will make you lose weight.

To guarantee you get the real deal when it comes to the Venus program, follow the link we have provided to ensure you get the real thing.

The final verdict

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a something that will help you lose weight, look great and help you maintain your goal weight, then give Venus a try. The program comes with all the information you need including additional material like videos detailing effective and efficient workouts to optimize your weight loss. There is also a support Venus community where you can trade information and get advice which is invaluable.

So if you are ready to start living a healthier lifestyle, then Click here to Visit The Official Website.


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