Dieting Basics

Dieting Basics

The number one rule for weight loss is … stop dieting! Honestly, low calorie weight loss diets are the most responsible for slowing down the metabolism, losing muscle mass, stressing liver and kidneys, and producing a demoralizing yoyo effect.

There is no such thing as a weight loss diet. Anything other than a basic lifelong eating plan is not useful.

Blood group type and food intolerances can greatly influence weight loss and even block your metabolism.

Chemical weight loss pills can have severe side effects but natural supplements such as raspberry ketones or green coffee are really effective. Allow your body’s metabolism to “kick in” with some light exercise

Step 1 – Adopt a lifelong eating plan

If you are eating in a healthy way you will not be overweight. Your body will naturally get into shape. The problem is that people think they are eating appropriately but they are not. Sometimes people don’t eat enough and that puts their body into “starvation mode” which slows their metabolism. As soon as they give in and eat a full meal, they put on a whole kilo! This is how you should be eating:

Breakfast Cooked or raw fruit, milk or rice milk, bran flakes, a few nuts + raisins, yogurt
Mid-morning snack Freshly squeezed orange juice or other fruit juice, or fresh fruit.
Lunch 80gr – 100gr (uncooked weight) brown pasta, brown rice, brown bread + veg or salad
Mid-afternoon snack Fresh fruit or a banana milkshake (can use rice milk)
Dinner Alternate over 7 days: eggs, legumes, fish, poultry, vegetable soup, potato and veg bake, red meat, tofu or seitan (for vegetarians) + veg and/or salad
Before bed Herb tea and/or rice cakes with honey/sugar free jam

It seems like a lot of food, but rest assured you will not be putting on weight providing that you stick to a few basic rules.

  1. Learn how to cook without using fat: bake, boil, steam etc
  2. Allow yourself to eat a “non diet” meal once a week. The following day substitute carbs with veg.
  3. Drink 1.5 litres of water a day as water directly influences the fat reduction process.
  4. Add 5ml raw olive olive to each meal once cooked
  5. Avoid cheese and cakes – max once a week
  6. Eat whole grains

Step 2 – Align eating plan to blood group and food intolerances

Choosing the appropriate food according to your blood group makes sense because blood groups have genetically different ages. There is extensive information about this if you google search for “Dr. Lam” or “Blood Type Diet”. Basically people belonging to the type O blood group should avoid wheat/glutin and the type A blood group should avoid meat. Type B should avoid corn, seeds and lentils and and type AB should avoid meat, beans and seeds.

Apart from these blood group induced intolerances, one could be intolerant to any specific food and this could cause weight issues. To discover food intolerances one must go to a kinesiology therapist that can do a proper computerized kinesiology test. These tests are very sensitive and the difference between a good therapist and a bad therapist is that a bad therapist will tell you you are intollerant to a great number of foods. The truth is that you could have a false positive if you have eaten that specific food the day before if the test is not done properly. People that are able to do proper tests will tell you that you are intolerent to nothing or to 4-5 things at most.

Step 3 – Use a supplement

Nowadays ther are some excellent natural supplements on the market which are side effect free and which can speed up the whole weight loss process so that you feel strongly motivated to continue. Amongst these you can look into Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Bean Extract and Homeopathic HCG drops. We suggest you buy these on-line from a trustworthy site so that you can get a refund if you are not satisfied with the product. We suggest you start with the raspberry ketones and move onto the other two supplements if you are not satisfied. Give yourself at least a 2 week break between supplements so that you don’t confuse your metabolism.

Step 4 – Exercise

If you are eating correctly and possibly helping yourself with some supplements you do not need to do strenuous exercise. Exercise is absolutely necessary to keep your endorphins up, your metabolism running and your immune system functioning properly but we suggest you only do something which you find very enjoyable. Some people like dancing, others prefer martial arts or a sport. The exercise should be something which you look foreward to doing. Try looking around to see what your area offers, you might be suprised to discover you enjoy something totally unexpected!

Step 5 – Find an Emotional Balance

The real difficulty in losing weight is that people, especially women, tend to not have time in their lives for pleasure, and so resort to the “quick fix” of food as the primary (or only) source of pleasure. Food is only half nutrition – the other half is pleasure! If you take all the pleasure out of your life your mind will rebel to it and you might end up starving and binging.

Start monitoring your habits and make changes in your life until your perception of food is simply “fuel” and becomes far less important. This happens primarily via a “pleasure replacement therapy” of sorts. If you do not got through this permanent life-changing process, then any weight loss will be temporary. It takes a lot of courage to analyze one’s life and honestly see what it is that is keeping you emotionally trapped, but it is a process which will bring advantages that go well beyond the weight loss itself.


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