Different ways to achieve healthy, more permanent weight loss

Different ways to achieve healthy, more permanent weight loss

It’s a fact that these days, women are more into taking care of themselves physically and health wise than ever before. And finally, the crazy 90s trend of trying to emulate runway models body types have come to an end. Women are beginning to embrace their bodies and enjoy who they are without prejudice.

But just because women are starting to accept themselves for who they are and what they look like, does not mean that women have lost interest in weight loss programs and working out. In fact, it’s because women are beginning to except themselves for their own natural body shape, but that women are looking to stay in shape. The problem is that sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what’s good and what’s to be avoided, especially via the Internet these days.

There is a program that can make it a little easier for women who are looking to not only lose weight with a good workout routine, but also to learn how to eat right and eat healthily. The Venus factor program is a unique program in that it is designed especially for women. It’s rare to find weight loss and workout programs that are designed especially for a specific agenda. The reason why this program will not work for men is that it is formulated of round the genetics of women.

The Venus factor program is great because it is designed to help woman to literally reshape their physical bodies into a more feminine shape (for those ladies who have a boyish or athletic body shape, apple or even pear shape), helping to define a narrow were waistline for a more defined hip silhouette, effectively giving you a more hourglass figure.

All that aside, don’t be filled into thinking this is a program that can be taken lightly. In order for it to work effectively (or even at all), is to strictly stick to the guidelines set out in the program without deviation. It runs for the typical twelve week duration and comes with both an eating plan and workout program. This makes it very easy to follow, since it takes all the guesswork out of what to do with the gym and what meals to put together.

But then there are those ladies that are looking more for something that is more long-term than a typical twelve week program. A typical weight loss program is not intended to be used long-term. Good examples of a long-term, easily sustainable program is the Alkaline Diet, Fasting for Muscle or the Eat Stop Eat Diet. These are good examples of programs that can be used on a regular for an indefinite amount of time. This means they are perfect to incorporate into your lifestyle on a permanent basis, especially if your intention is healthy weight loss with more permanent results.

What makes programs that are long-term friendly so sought after is that they not only have weight loss potential, but also a maintenance plan. This means that once you’ve lost all the weight you want to lose, you can maintain your new healthy weight indefinitely.

But what happens if you have a medical reason why you are unable to lose weight? Something like pre-diabetes (insulin resistance). The reality is that 3/5 adults suffer from pre-diabetes or insulin resistance and not even aware of it. Pre-diabetes (insulin resistance) makes it impossible for you to lose weight, so regardless of what program, diet or weight loss supplement you are using, it simply won’t work.

When it comes to healthy weight loss, there are many ways to go about it. Some of it is a bit ridiculous, others make a little bit more sense, but finding something that fits into your lifestyle easily and that doesn’t make you feel as if you’re being deprived of anything is the best option.



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