Lose weight by doing nothing for a month

Lose weight by doing nothing for a month

For the guys (and girls) that would like to know how to lose weight fast. This is the fastest and most proven way to lose weight fast. It’s a combination of cardiovascular training, great food and weight training.

In order to get started losing weight you need to get your mindset right. Without your mindset and belief system in place losing weight and looking awesome will simply never happen.

The first month of any program is not actually about what you do or how you do it but rather just getting into the habit of exercising and eating better foods. Our approach to losing weight and getting fit is based on what I call “the cheating month”.

In this month we allow ourselves to cheat without beating ourselves up about it. The problem most people face when wanting to lose weight and look awesome is that they get started but quit within the first month. That’s why our technique works, you will see on our course that we make videos each week of ourselves and also have a heart to heart conversation about that week and how it felt. Trust me, in the first 4 weeks you never feel like going to the gym! Losing weight is easy, just as long as you get your ass to the gym! I even go as far as to say, just go to the gym and sit on a bench for 30 minutes and do nothing for a month. Why? Well then you’ll be in the habit of going to the gym. First problem solved. Now that’s how you lose weight fast 😉

In the first month don’t really extend yourself at all. Do 25-30 minute training sessions; start off with walking/running or cycling. (any cardiovascular). Do this for 10 minutes, then we move on to getting our muscles used to the gym environment. Take caution: start with low weights! Your muscles take a month to warm up to the fact that it’s seen some form of fitness.

You will notice that you’ll start losing weight in the first month. However all that’s really happening is that you’re tightening your muscles and retaining water, so don’t get too excited or depressed if you lose or pick up weight, because it’s got nothing to do with your actual weight loss. After the first month is when the real weight loss program starts. By this time you will have worked out all the ins and outs of your food intake, gym equipment and routine. Yes, it takes a month to get used to losing weight and eating well.


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