The difference between a yo-yo diet and a crash diet

The difference between a yo-yo diet and a crash diet

We’ve all heard the terms “yo-yo diet” and “crash diet”. But the question is, do you know what these terms mean? A yo-yo diet or a crash diet is exactly the same thing, it’s just two different names given to the same type of weight loss diet. The problem with these kinds of diets, is that as they are names imply, they are very unreliable when it comes to real and permanent weight loss.

Unfortunately, there are also very, very dangerous. Good examples of these types of diet are the cabbage soup diet, the red meat diet and the high carb diet. There are plenty more out there in an effort to lure you in. So the question remains why choose a yo-yo diet or a crash diet? Most people choose these forms of diet, because they promise extreme and rapid weight loss. By following a diet like this, you will lose a lot of weight in an extremely short period of time. The problem is, if you take the term crash diet, it ends in exactly that: a crash. Your body can’t cope with the extreme diet you are living on, and because of the extremely rapid weight loss, you wind up crashing to some degree. This means your body literally goes into shock.

When you were younger, it seemed perfectly okay to follow a celebrity diet in order to emulate the way your favourite celebrity looked. The term “celebrity diet” is again, just another name for yo-yo diet. Being a habitual crash diet, will eventually take a toll on your body and your system, and it may be incredibly difficult to come back from that. Teenagers are especially vulnerable to crash diets and yo-yo diets because of the immense pressure on them to “fit in”. Eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia nervosa can be triggered by following dangerous diets that fall into the yo-yo diet category.

There are so many healthier ways to go about losing weight, it actually seems almost suicidal to embark on a yo-yo diet. So much can go wrong so quickly by following the wrong kind of eating plan in an attempt to lose weight. If you feel that you or somebody close to you is a habitual yo-yo dieter, you should seek medical advice as quickly as possible. This is especially true where children and teenagers are concerned. Disorders like body dysmorphia are side-effect from habitual crash dieting. In cases like these, it is advisable to seek medical help immediately and possibly even psychological help.

We live in a world where the female form is worshiped in every form of media from the movies we watch, to the advert between our favourite TV shows and even the billboards on the side of the road. Teenagers especially are susceptible to falling into that trap where they feel they are not good enough, don’t look good enough and therefore wind up falling victim to the never-ending vicious cycle of yo-yo diets, binging and purging.

As adults, we are not immune to those same body dysmorphic ideals. We are for ever trying to lose that extra 5 kg or tone our flabby bellies and thighs. We as adults can just as easily fall into the trap of yo-yo diets, becoming victims of serial dieting. Fortunately, there are many decent, even fantastic weight loss programs out now that will get you the same results that yo-yo dieting does, but in a safer and healthier way that is in fact, far more effective and efficient with permanent results.


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